11. How long does it take to fix an electrical/wiring problem?
Electrical and wiring problems seldom ever take more than a single day to fix. But if the particular problem requires legal permits or other paperwork, then we can only proceed once we’ve gotten the approval from relevant authorities
22. How much will a repair cost me?
It’s impossible to tell the cost of an electrical repair without first inspecting the problem and determining the level of damage that needs to be fixed. We will always do an inspection first to determine the cost, which we shall then communicate to yo
33. Why do I need solar power?
It is entirely up to you if you want to install solar power but there are definite benefits. For instance, it’s cheaper, especially in the long-run, and low-maintenance. There are also environmental benefits since solar power is a renewable form of energy.
44. Is my wiring up-to-date?
It’s not easy to inspect and correctly judge the age of wiring for a layperson. A trained electrician will do proper inspection to determine if your house’s wiring is up-to-date or if it may need replacing.
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