5-Star Electrical Service = Happy and Satisfied Customers

Our Story

5 Star Power & Solar is a family-owned business of experienced electricians specializing in electrical, generator, and solar energy repairs, installations, and upgrades. Our missions is to become the industry leader in the world of electricity through the delivery of exceptional quality of services and a proven record of satisfied customers.

You Call, We Serve

We treat every job like it’s our own. Give us a call if you need our services and we’ll be at your doorstep ASAP.

Our commitment to customer satisfaction is the core value that defines our service. As a family-owned business, we hold dear the traditional principles of integrity, honesty, trustworthiness, and quality service, which are reflected in all the jobs we undertake for our customers.

It is through our dedication and steadfast adherence to these principles that we have been able to win the trust and favor of numerous customers over the years who stay loyal to us to this day. Although our values have played an instrumental role behind our success, our technical expertise as electrical specialists is equally important. With strict quality and safety controls, we’re able to ensure that every job that we do is complete and risk-free. We only leave your property once we’ve double-checked the functioning and safety of your entire electrical system.

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